A short bio on the artist, Sam Mayhob

I was born in Cairo, Egypt, in 1956. I was 11 years old when I fired my first plate which caused a fire in my poor friend’s house! I decided to try again so that perhaps I could pay for some of the damage that I caused. I sold my first plate to my teacher for three dollars – it was a lot of money at that time.

a wall hanging by SamAt age 19, after finishing college, I went to Canada looking for a better future, but soon discovered a lack of enthusiasm among my potential customers for the art pieces I was creating. Other work was unsatisfying, but doing it turned out to be a fortunate decision since during that time I met, and later married, my wife Jane. Jane encouraged me to continue pursuing my creative talent, and suggested that it might be better accepted in the United States. She was right. I was inspired by the beauty of Arizona, and made it my home. The demand for the art pieces that I create immediately flourished, as it has ever since.

The reason I call my company “Old Castle Antiques” is because every piece of copper we worked on was a real antique. Determining the shape of the piece comes first, then a special technique is employed to prepare the metal for the development of color. Various tools are used to obtain the different densities and shades of color. Each piece is different, since each piece of copper reacts differently to the application of heat.